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Top 10 Netbooks - August 4, 2009
Netbooks (aka mini-notebooks, mini-notes... "laptops"... take your pick) are perfect travel companions and meet basic computing needs, including e-mailing, Web surfing, and document creation. Best of all, these low-powered machines cost less than the standard-issue laptop.
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Apple's App Store Rejections Open the Door for Competition - August 9, 2009
Over the last two years, Apple has enjoyed a sensational climb to the top of the smartphone food chain, attracting developers, consumers, and business users alike to its platform. But the recent spate of apparently arbitrary app rejections has developers angry, consumers bewildered, and business users wary. Does this spell an end to Apple's ascension? Tony Bradley has the story in BizFeed this week. . Click Here for Article

Facebook Buys FriendFeed: What Does It Mean? - August 10, 2009
Facebook is acquiring social content-sharing service FriendFeed, the two companies have confirmed. Here's a look inside the deal and what it could mean for you. Click Here for Article

Windows 7 Reviewed, How To Get It Early - August 7, 2009
The Windows Vista era is officially drawing to a close--although you could argue that it never really quite started--and the Windows 7 one is under way. And that promises to be a good thing, whether you're a satisfied Vista user, a disgruntled one, or a Windows XP holdout who has been waiting for something better. Click Here for Article

Top Cell Phones -Jun 5, 2009
Need a break from your laptop? These productivity phones offer a lot more than the ability to make calls. Here are the 10 best smart phones available today, according to PC World Test Center reviews.Click Here for Article

DDoS Attackers Continue Hitting Twitter, Facebook, Google -August 8, 2009
The DDoS attacks targeting major sites like Twitter, Google and Facebook continued on Friday and will likely persist during the weekend. Click Here for Article