Frequently Asked Questions

What is the response time for any given issue?
Response time is contingent on the contract plan of the client. Platinum plan members will have remote support no longer than one hour and onsite support no longer than two hours. Gold members will have remote support no longer than two hours and onsite support no longer than four hours.

What type of equipment do you support?
Our team of trained professionals is well equipped to address many aspects of Information Technology; there isn't much we can't handle. Desktop, laptops, printers, networking equipment, the list goes on and on. If you're unsure that Click4TechSupport can support your business, give us a call for a free evaluation.

Can I afford your services?
The question here should be can you not afford to have our services. We understand that businesses, especially small ones, have limited budgets for I.T. support. That's why our menu of services allows you to pinpoint the type of equipment you'd like us to support. We also give you access to special discounts on certain products that we negotiate through our vendors. We believe strongly in passing these savings on to our clients.

How knowledgeable is your staff?
We are constantly staffing new individuals and train them to be highly proficent in workstations, laptops and network support. Our senior technology staff has over 15 years of small and mid-sized company experience and understand the needs of these businesses. There usually isn't only one solution to an issue, that's why with the experience we possess, we can offer the most cost effective resolutions to your everyday issues.

What are the terms of your contract?
Click4TechSupport doesn't believe in committing our clients to contracts. We believe that if we're doing our job well, you'll want to keep us. That's why our contracts are on a month to month basis. Thus makes us work even harder to ensure you'll keep us around for a long time.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the service?
Here at Click4TechSupport, we stand by our work. Should we not be able to resolve your issue, our visit to you is absolutely free. We also guarantee our work for up to two weeks. In the event an issue returns within those two weeks, you will not be double billed for the same issue.

How can I keep track of my issues?
Click4TechSupport incorporates an online issue tracking system that constantly notifies our clients and all corresponding technicians with updates and changes in real time. You may also create your own service request online
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"...Click4TechSupport has time and time proven to be a vital asset to our business. They show the highest level of professionalism and are prompt with all our I.T. needs. Keep up the great job..."

Peter Chan
Partner - Sunrise Studio

"...Simply a pleasure to work with Click4TechSupport. They never cease to amaze me with the vast knowledge they possess along with the ideas they present to improve productivity in our company..."

Diane Allcot
CFO - General Bronze

"...We have an issue, Click4TechSupport fixes it, just that simple. No fumbling around to find the right telephone number for specific vendors of our equipment, Click4TechSupport knows our business and do what they do best...."

Kai Chuang
Trikona Capital Partner

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